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1st Generation: Grandfather

Pedro Pereira


2nd Generation: Father

Vicente Pereira


3rd Generation: Son

Marcio Andre Pereira

About Us

Our story started 63 years ago, when my grandfather, who was born in 1922 in northern Brazil, decided to immigrate to the south of Brazil and open his first salon when he was 30 years old. For 50 years, my grandfather worked in the same place, which allowed him to build and maintain a lasting relationship with his clientele and neighbourhood. Father of thirteen children, three of them inherited his talent/expertise and among the three was my father.
In the '70s my father decided to follow in my grandfather's footsteps and continue his legacy by opening his salon in a neighbouring city. During his long and remarkable career, my father mentored and trained countless hairdressers who became successful professionals and are now working worldwide. 

Touched by my father's passion, I also decided to enter the beauty world. As a young teenager, I learned my father's skills and the great honour to be mentored by him, who still considered one of the best barbers in town. In addition to my father's training, I also took part in many courses around Brasil. 
Since moving to Europe In 1998, I have the honour to work alongside many great professionals In the most prestigious part of London. Today I have the pleasure to offer to Englefield Green our dedicated service, care and skills that we had gained through the years to each visitor and clients.

Man Getting a Haircut

Price List

Male Grooming

Senior - 65 Over

From £16

Clipper Haircut

From £16

Clipper - Full head 1 Grade only

From £16

Kids Haircut

From £16

Wet Haircut

From £18

Scissors Haircut

From £20

Skin Fade

From £23



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44 Victoria St, Englefield Green,

Egham TW20 0QX


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 8:30am - 5pm
​Sunday & Bank Holiday: 10am - 4pm

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